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Target H.R. Solution Pvt. Ltd. is a company established on 2017 AD to facilitate the process of overseas recruitment of Nepalese workers. We got the approval from Government of Nepal to supply workers to foreign employers on the same year.
We believe in punctuality, our vast databank consisting variety of workers along with a dedicated network inside the country assures delivery on time. A truly dedicated team of highly qualified personnel equipped and skilled with all the modern day tech-savvy approaches to operate is the key strength of this organization.
We are looking to associate with reputed foreign companies and serve them with recruitment of Nepalese workers as per their requirements & specimen. The only thing we can assure our valued clients is the unparalleled recruitment experience and productive output.
Welcome to Target H.R. Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Nepal.
About us
We provide global employment opportunity to skilled, dedicated and highly motivated Nepali workers. Keeping our clients and candidates satisfied with our fast, transparent and trustworthy service. We explore international opportunities and spread the horizon of global recognition of Nepalese work force. Our clients have expressed their gratitude to have not compromise with quality and always been punctual in delivering our services. We effectively screen candidates and ensure right candidate at the right place.

Our Objective

We boast in our genuine consulting and recruiting method and satisfied clients from our service. We aim in adding value in the greater cause of nation building by strengthening its economy and solve the problem of unemployment by placing our human resources in reputed global institutions.

Tapping the success and trust we have gained from our clients, we want to grow exponentially the services we provide in all fields and become among the elite HR Consultancies of Nepal.

Sustained success is our motto, which we aim to achieve by providing quality service time and again.

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Nepali Incorporation Certificate
Nepali License Certificate
Nepali PAN Registration Certificate
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English PAN Registration Certificate

Target H.R. Solution Pvt. Ltd.

We are more communicative & less confusing. The experienced and expert team is our main strength. The modus operandi of Target H.R. is to protect the gains by structuring a team that executes activities based on right information within committed time.

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